Breaker Zine is a place where the community joins and shares. It is a place for everyone's voice. Breaker's mission is to highlight creative experiences and the subculture of our shore community. As our local artistic awareness grows, Breaker aims to expose it and shine a spotlight on it.

We all have our pastimes and interests. So what are they?

We are chefs, artists, beekeepers and mothers. We are musicians, healers, photographers and poets. We are living, breathing and moving. We are offering our talents and gifts to this region.

Breaker is a place to share– to see, to hear and to feel what each other has to offer; to experience what another has to bring into this world. 

Breaker Zine was established in June 2017. We (Co-creators, Dawn Simon and Peter Sullivan, also graphic designers and Co-owners of Swing Graphics, LLC) felt inspired to make and share art in a new way. With the help of our friends, local artists and small business owners, Breaker Zine was born.

As we broaden our distribution, we meet so many great people that are doing what they love. Whether it is playing music, running a farm, teaching yoga, making art or roasting coffee. It is inspiring. There is definitely a modern mentality of following your heart and finding your place and it is the mission of Breaker to really celebrate that.