The Death Dream

The Death Dream

I am walking around a very desolate neighborhood in what appears to be a southwestern town. It’s hot, dry, dusty, and all of the houses look almost identical to one another with only subtle differences between them. I can tell there are some people home but no one is outside. I don’t get the sense I am being watched, I get the sense that no one knows I’m there. I’m walking only a short amount of time when suddenly, the neighborhood appears to be miles and miles behind me. I come across a small playground sitting on a square plot of land. Although the playground is alone in a huge expanse of space with nothing around it for quite some distance, it is completely roped off around its slight perimeter. I pull the rope up on one side and duck underneath to enter the playground. It’s then that I notice a small child playing by himself in a sand box. He doesn’t acknowledge me and I don’t acknowledge him but I do notice that there are no parents with him. I find that strange but I continue to ignore him nonetheless. I decide to get on the swings. A part of me feels silly for doing this but it’s fun so I decide to keep doing it. I’m swinging back and forth, higher and higher, when I hear a strange whistling noise off in the distance. I stop pumping my legs and start to slow down. I look over at the boy and I can tell that he hears the noise too. We both turn our gaze to the sky to where the noise appears to be coming from. It starts to get louder and sounds less like a whistle and more like a train. An object comes into focus. It’s dark, loud and fast. I can tell its descending trajectory is headed right into the center of the small, roped-off playground. My brain registers that it’s a bomb and I panic. I’m very confused as to how and why a bomb would end up heading directly for this tiny plot of land in the middle of nowhere but I realize there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and I become very calm. I’m now sitting motionless on the swing staring at this object and I know it’s over. It reaches the playground and I brace myself for the impact by ducking my head down and gripping the chains as hard as I can. My brain fills simultaneously with a deafening noise and a blinding light full of yellows, oranges, reds, and blacks. I inhale so much dirt that I can’t even cough to try and get it out. My tongue swells up and blocks my airway. I stop breathing. I remain conscious just long enough to feel myself get thrown from the swing. I’m in mid-air when I feel my life leave my body. I know I’ve died but I’m not sad. It just is. Within seconds of this feeling, I find myself in a doorway peering into a dark but beautifully decorated room full of very well-dressed people. There are twinkling lights everywhere – the ceiling, the walls, the floor - all of which look like they’re made of black liquid. There are servers walking around with hors d'oeuvres and champagne flutes on trays. I step inside the room and instantaneously know that I’m in purgatory. I look down at myself and notice I’m in a black fitted sequin gown. I can see from my reflection in the black shiny wall that my hair is long, curly and pulled up to one side. I’m tall and thin. Somehow, I look both completely different and yet exactly the same. There are several people there that I recognize; some are from high school and some are relatives that have passed. I don’t talk to anyone or make eye contact and it doesn’t appear as if anyone realizes I’m there. Even so, I’m very content. I know instinctually, however, that I’m not going to be there very long. In fact, I know that I’m not supposed to be there at all. I wake up.

The Death Dream Explained

Here are some quick and dirty facts on the main aspects of my Death Dream as explained by the top links of a Google search. Personal disclaimer: I don’t think the meaning of any dream can be boiled down to a few bullet points. Or maybe it can...I don’t know. Maybe dreams don’t mean anything at all and maybe they mean everything. I do know that I am very adept at both over complicating and over simplifying everything – at the same time - which probably gives my subconscious a lot of great material to work with.

Death Dreams:

  • Can symbolize the end or conclusion of something in your life especially of something that held importance and value – I believe I was finishing grad school around this time so this is completely possible

  • Can symbolize an attempt to resolve anxiety or anger towards yourself – also completely possible

Being Alone:

  • Can symbolize success with taking actions to make yourself content – maybe…

  • Can symbolize feelings of fear, rejection, anxiety, isolation, etc. – a little more accurate


  • May represent feelings or attitudes about death, immortality, judgement or the Divine.

  • May suggest longing for loved ones whom are deceased.

  • May symbolize a desire to escape from reality, some burden or responsibility.

  • May reflect feelings or attitudes about reincarnation, karma, guilt or devotion.

  • All entirely possible.

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